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What Can You Do With Souvenir T-Shirts That Don’t Fit Well Anymore?

Buying souvenir T-shirts ensures you have a long-lasting memento of your trip somewhere, but what do you do with shirts that are still in good condition but that don’t fit well anymore? Whether you lost or gained weight, or if you got the shirt when you were younger and then grew too big for it, you can still keep the shirt to showcase the place you visited. You just have to get a little crafty.

Frame Them

If the design on the shirt is a particularly nice one or one that you value for sentimental reasons, you can always frame the design. It’s best to keep the shirt intact and fold extra material behind the section with the design; T-shirt material often curls under when cut with scissors. To prevent squashing the shirt too much, find a frame that has a backing, a thick border, and then the glass and …

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Keeping Your Children’s Christmas Clothing Looking Good

You want your child’s cute Christmas clothing to last at least until they grow too big for it and you have hand it down to your other children or relatives. Chances are that your child will also be wearing this decorated clothing a lot around the current holiday season as well. Therefore, you’ll want to keep those colors clean and bright and those embellishments intact. Here are some tips on caring for your child’s Christmas clothing.

Follow the label:

First of all, if the clothing is sold commercially, it should come with a care label. Make sure you follow the water temperature and dryer instructions. If you can’t find the label or read the instructions, and you’re in a pinch, opt for cold water as it will better preserve the colors better and is less likely to cause damage to the fabric.

Address stains promptly:

If your children are fairly …

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5 Tips For Going To A Nightclub As An Introverted Woman

As an introvert, your idea of fun is probably more of a low-key get together with a few good friends than a wild night at the club. After all, introverts tend to find big crowds and lots of noise a bit overwhelming. Just because a nightclub isn’t your natural environment, however, doesn’t mean you can’t let loose and enjoy yourself, whether you were invited to a club as part of a bachelorette party or whether you just want to try something new. Just follow these tips to make the most of your nightclub experience without getting too overwhelmed:

Buy a Cute Club Dress

Wearing a flattering, club-appropriate dress will help you feel like you fit in and give you a confidence boost. Wearing your usual casual attire or a more business-like dress will leave you feeling self conscious and like you stick out, which is always uncomfortable for an …

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Basic Questions About Caring For Cowboy Boots

A pair of high-quality leather cowboy boots can be among your most prized possessions. In addition to being suitable for everyday use, these boots can often be used in rather dirty and harsh work environments. To make sure that your cowboy boots are in the best condition possible for many years, you will want to utilize several basic care and cleaning tips.

How Do You Keep The Leather In Good Condition?

Keeping the leather in good condition can be a particularly challenging task when it comes to cowboy boots. Exposure to dirt, dust and heat can cause the leather to become brittle and dry. As a result, you will want to regularly apply leather conditioner to these shoes. This conditioner will restore the oils that have been zapped from the leather, which will keep it shiny and flexible. When applying these conditioners, make sure that you thoroughly clean your boots …

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Fashion Staples That Every Breastfeeding Working Mom Needs in Her Closet

When you’re working and a new mom, it’s hard to balance the responsibilities of your baby and your career, and it can be especially challenging to find clothes that move easily from work to home life. With diapers, spit-up, and breastfeeding, adapting your professional wardrobe may seem daunting. These signature pieces can help make the transition to working motherhood easier for you.

1. A Black Tuxedo Jacket

Less fitted than a typical women’s blazer, a tuxedo-style jacket has a lower closure, a longer hemline, and longer sleeves. The combination of all of these features makes it a great option for the postpartum figure—it looks professional while not drawing attention to your changing body. Also, the more relaxed fit of women’s tuxedo jackets allow for breast changes due to feeding your baby, whereas a fitted blazer will not. The jacket will continue to fit you as you move through the stages …

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A Ladies’ Guide to Military Ball Fashion

If you’re been asked to escort a service member to a formal military event, you might have no idea what to expect. Military functions—even balls—follow strict timelines and procedures, so you should know what to expect from the evening, including how to dress and how to act the part as the ideal date. 

The Dress

You might have some slinky, sexy dresses in your closet, but the military setting is not the place to wear them. Usually, a knee length or tea length dress is the best choice, because formal balls are not the same as an office Christmas party or a night at the club– they are black-tie formal. Generally, floor length dresses are your best bet, but you can wear a shorter dress if you choose carefully.

You must make sure that your cocktail dress always succeeds at covering your behind when you dance, bend over, or sit down. …

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