Four "Diaper Bag" Features For Busy, Yet Fashionable Moms

4 October 2017
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If you're a busy mom, you probably don't go too far without your diaper bag. As such, it's important to have a diaper bag that not only makes your like convenient, but also looks great. Many handbag companies have begun to make designed diaper bags that look more like big purses than canvas totes. One of these might be the right choice for you, and there are a few features you should look for in a good one.

Soft Material

When you're rushing around, handling your baby while also fishing through your bag, it's likely that the bag will rub against your child's skin. So, you want it to be made from a soft material. Thick, rough leather and sturdy canvas are not usually the best options. Rather, you'll want a suede bag or one made from cotton-based textile.

A Colorful Pattern

Baby food, spit up, the ketchup from your burger... these are just a few of the things that might end up on your diaper bag. So, it's important that the color your choose does not show stains easily. A dark color like black works well, but is kind of boring. So, look for a loud, complex pattern with a lot of colors. A little blotch from ketchup or baby food won't be nearly as noticeable, and the bag will match with most any outfit.

Big Compartments

Those bags with hundreds of little compartments seem like a great idea, until you actually start using one. When you're rushing about as a busy mom, you don't want to have to undo three zippers just to get a diaper and three other sets of buttons to access a bottle in a separate compartment. Look instead for a bag with a few big compartments. You can keep things somewhat organized by keeping certain items in certain compartments, but you'll have an easier time accessing things quickly.

Machine Washable

You're not going to want to go to the dry cleaner each time you need your bag cleaned. And you probably don't want to expose your baby to the dry cleaning chemicals, either. So, look for a diaper handbag that is machine washable. Even if you choose a suede bag, you can find one with a removable lining that you can put in the wash.

Keep the above features in mind as you shop for a designer diaper bag from a handbag company. The result will be a bag you love! For more information, contact companies like Leather Works By Arturo.