4 Clean Foot Accessories To Purchase With College Flip Flops

22 January 2016
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Showering in a public place like a college dorm room has the potential to spread disease and bacteria. One of the easiest ways to protect yourself from this is with a pair of flip flops that will not expose your feet to bacteria and other germs found on shower floors. As you prepare to move into the dorm, you should prepare the college flip flops along with four different accessories to go with them. These accessories will help keep your feet clean and protected through each semester in the dorm.

Plastic Bins

After you've worn a pair of flip flops in the shower, you do not want to leave the water residue and possible bacteria on the bottom of the footwear. Instead of just laying the flip flops around, you can purchase a plastic bin that's about the size of a shoe box. This is easy to store the flip flops in and also to clean them. By filling the plastic bin with some water and a cleaning product, you can keep the flip flops fresh each time you shower. The plastic bin should be left without a cover so that moisture doesn't collect and create additional problems.

Shower Socks

If you're worried about too many germs, then you can add even more protection with a pair of shower socks. Basically a rugged sock for fishing and the outdoors, these socks can offer extra protection and cleanliness when worn in the shower. If you choose to wear shower socks, they would be more comfortable with a pair of shower sandals. Shower sandals feature a large strap that the foot slips under as opposed to the straps that slips between the toes. Waterproof socks for the shower can be purchased in a number of styles and designs. Many pairs feature small grips on the bottom so that you can easily keep your foot inside a flip flop or sandal. Once the shower is completed, the socks can be hung to dry or added to a load of laundry for fresh cleaning.

Foot Scrubbers

Cleaning your feet is an important part of any shower. When you're bending down to scrub the foot, you also don't want your hands or arms touching the bacteria and germs on the bottom of a shower. One of the best ways to prevent this and shower in comfort is with a foot scrubbing device. The small cleaner looks like a single sandal.

It has suction cups on the bottom and can stick to all types of showers and bathtubs. To use it, you slip your foot out of a flip flop, place it in the scrub and allow the scrubbing brushes to remove dirt, oil, and dead skin. When you're done, you slip your foot back into the flip flop and repeat the process on the opposite side. Once you get used to the product, it can become a great addition to your dorm room shower kit.

Foot Lotions & Cleansers

Once your shower is complete, you can add extra cleanliness with a foot lotion and cleanser. The foot is filled with sweat glands and pore openings that can become susceptible to bacteria. By using an extra cleanser and lotion after your shower, you can remove dead skin cells and any bacteria that may be on the foot. Not only will it help keep your foot clean, but it can also help keep your feet comfortable after long days of walking around a campus and going to classrooms.

All of the products may seem like a lot, but you can choose your favorites and prepare a small kit that is easy to carry from a dorm room and to your shower area. Taking a little extra care can go a long way in ensuring that you have clean and healthy feet. It's also a good idea to pick up a few extra pairs of flip-flops to have just in case the ones you own break or fall apart.