Five Great Reasons For Wearing A Mermaid Bathing Suit

22 February 2016
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If you've ever wished to enter a different world where fables and legends reign supreme, you should consider buying a mermaid swimming suit and splashing around in your backyard pool. Even adults need fun and fantasy in their lives, and mermaids have captivated the imaginations of old and young alike for centuries. What child wasn't thrilled the first time she saw Ariel in Disney's The Little Mermaid, and what adult didn't love the romantic tale of love between a mermaid and a man when they saw Daryl Hannah and Tom Hanks in Splash?

Following are five reasons why letting your inner mermaid out to play will help you recapture lost moments of joy and wonder.

You're Having a Themed Pool Party

Themed pool parties are an excellent way to celebrate summer. Throw a 4th of July bash and encourage attendees to wear costumes of their favorite deep sea legends. Everyone will have a fabulous time splashing in the pool, and you'll look enchanting in your mermaid bathing suit. People will be talking about your party for months, and everyone in your social circle will be hoping for an invitation to your next soiree. Be sure to take pictures and videos in order to keep memories of the fun alive -- these make excellent conversation pieces while enjoying an evening around the fire with friends and family while winter winds blow cold outside.

You're in Love

What better way to spend a warm summer evening with the one you love than wining and dining poolside while wearing a mermaid swimming suit? Everyone loves a fable-inspired romantic fantasy, so slip on sexy mermaid tail while your partner plays sailor, and see what pleasures the night brings. Your partner can get into the spirit of the evening by dressing as a daring, sexy swashbuckling pirate outfit. Set sail in your backyard pool on a floating device and sip fruity rum drinks while the sun sets and experience the ultimate in nautical romance.

It's the Weekend

You work hard all week, so treat yourself to some relaxation done your way. Wearing a mermaid swimming suit provides an inventive, imaginative way to slip out of your own mundane reality and experience the stuff of legends, song, and mystery. Inhabiting a different world via imaginative play for a few hours reduces stress levels and improves overall emotional well-being. Whether alone, with a partner or friends, or with your children, playing mermaid in your backyard pool will transport you far away from the cares and problems of everyday life, providing you with a fresh new outlook and perspective.

You're Going to a Costume Party

Tired of the same old witch, princess, ballerina, or black cat costumes for Halloween? Make a splash by attending the celebration dressed as a mermaid. You'll be alluring, tasteful, and unique at the same time -- no one else at the party will be dressed the same. Seasonal costume parties are also becoming increasingly popular during the winter holiday season. If no one you know is throwing one, consider hosting it yourself and making it a beach-themed event. Guests who are starved for summer sun and fun will be thrilled to be on the guest list, and you'll be the perfect aquatic hostess when attired in your mermaid swimming suit.

You've Got a Job

If you live near an aquatic center or amusement park, you may be able to obtain part-time work as a mermaid. You might be hired as a mermaid to splash and swim in a large fish tank or to interact with delighted young children as you bring their fantasy to life. You might be able to hire out for pool parties and other events, and you might even decide to leave the mundane working world behind and work as a professional mermaid on a full-time basis.