Basic Questions About Caring For Cowboy Boots

1 March 2017
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A pair of high-quality leather cowboy boots can be among your most prized possessions. In addition to being suitable for everyday use, these boots can often be used in rather dirty and harsh work environments. To make sure that your cowboy boots are in the best condition possible for many years, you will want to utilize several basic care and cleaning tips.

How Do You Keep The Leather In Good Condition?

Keeping the leather in good condition can be a particularly challenging task when it comes to cowboy boots. Exposure to dirt, dust and heat can cause the leather to become brittle and dry. As a result, you will want to regularly apply leather conditioner to these shoes. This conditioner will restore the oils that have been zapped from the leather, which will keep it shiny and flexible. When applying these conditioners, make sure that you thoroughly clean your boots first. Otherwise, much of the conditioner may be absorbed by these particles.

What Can Be Done To Prevent Odors From Forming in Your Boots?

One of the disadvantages of cowboy boots is that they do not have very good ventilation for feet. This can result in the interior of your boots developing strong odors. Preventing this problem will require you to apply an odor absorbing powder to your boots. If you wear your boots frequently, these powders may need to be applied every week. Also, you may want to give your boots a few days to air out after you have worn them extensively. When airing out your boots, you should place them in an area that will receive a steady flow of air so that any moistures and odors can exit your boots. This may require investing in a second pair of boots to wear, but it can greatly extend the usable life of your cowboy boots.

How Do You Repair Scratches And Scuffs To The Leather?

Over the course of using your boots, you will likely find that they develop some scratches and scuffs that can greatly impact their appearance. While some people may assume that there is little that can be done to correct these damages, leather polish can be extremely effective for repairing these minor damages. This polish can help to fill these scratches, which will make them far less noticeable. Additionally, the polish will add a thin waxy layer to the exterior of your boots, and this can help to reduce the risk of scratches forming on the leather.

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