5 Tips For Going To A Nightclub As An Introverted Woman

6 March 2017
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As an introvert, your idea of fun is probably more of a low-key get together with a few good friends than a wild night at the club. After all, introverts tend to find big crowds and lots of noise a bit overwhelming. Just because a nightclub isn't your natural environment, however, doesn't mean you can't let loose and enjoy yourself, whether you were invited to a club as part of a bachelorette party or whether you just want to try something new. Just follow these tips to make the most of your nightclub experience without getting too overwhelmed:

Buy a Cute Club Dress

Wearing a flattering, club-appropriate dress will help you feel like you fit in and give you a confidence boost. Wearing your usual casual attire or a more business-like dress will leave you feeling self conscious and like you stick out, which is always uncomfortable for an introvert. Aim to buy a dress that is on-trend and a bit more form-fitting than what you normally wear.

Be sure to try your new dress on before your night out, to ensure you can comfortably dance and walk around in it. Your club dress should be fitted and a bit sexy, but not so tight or short that it leaves you feeling exposed and uncomfortable.

Don't Overdo the Alcohol

You may be tempted to drink more than usual in order to ease your nerves, but drinking too much may lead to feeling sick, acting out of character, and even putting yourself in unsafe situations. If you drink regularly, feel free to have a cocktail or two, but be sure to alternate drinks with plenty of water. Always keep an eye on your drink and never drink anything that has been left unattended, on the off chance that someone with bad intentions spots an opportunity to slip something into your drink.

Bring a Trusted Sidekick

Introverts tend to have a few close friends they feel comfortable with, and it's a great idea to bring one of these friends along on your night out. Having someone you already know and trust with you will make the social experience of a night at the club feel less intimidating. You can also provide each other with someone to commiserate with if things feel awkward at any point and be each other's buddies when it comes to ordering drinks, standing in line at the ladies room, and getting a cab home at the end of the night.

Plan to Take It Easy the Following Day

Even if you have a great time, you will probably feel a bit tired and drained after all the noise and social activity. Introverts need time alone to recharge after big social occasions, so try to plan your club night when you are free the next day. Plan on a relaxed day at home, giving yourself an opportunity to recharge with some yoga, a good book, and time to look through your photos from your fun night out.

Focus on the Sensory Experience

If you begin to feel overwhelmed while out clubbing, take a deep breath and try to focus on the enjoyable sensory details. Notice the rhythm of the music, the way the lights dance across the floor, and how good it feels to let loose and move your body to the music. Introverts tend to spend a lot of time in their own heads, but it can be healthy and joyful to sometimes focus on physical and sensory feelings instead.

By following these tips, you will be able to have a great time out at the club without betraying your more introverted nature.