Keeping Your Children's Christmas Clothing Looking Good

12 March 2017
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You want your child's cute Christmas clothing to last at least until they grow too big for it and you have hand it down to your other children or relatives. Chances are that your child will also be wearing this decorated clothing a lot around the current holiday season as well. Therefore, you'll want to keep those colors clean and bright and those embellishments intact. Here are some tips on caring for your child's Christmas clothing.

Follow the label:

First of all, if the clothing is sold commercially, it should come with a care label. Make sure you follow the water temperature and dryer instructions. If you can't find the label or read the instructions, and you're in a pinch, opt for cold water as it will better preserve the colors better and is less likely to cause damage to the fabric.

Address stains promptly:

If your children are fairly young, there's no doubt they will get food and other stains on their clothes. Don't let a stain completely dry as you risk it becoming permanent. You can spot wash when they first happen, then use your favorite stain-removing technique as soon as you can. Be sure anything you use is safe for colors and don't use bleach on any clothing that is not entirely white.

Hand wash if possible:

If your child's clothing is embellished with all kinds of embroidery, sequins, or appliques, then you may have no choice but to wash it by hand. This is true of certain colors and fabrics as well. Even if the label says it's OK for machine washing, you may want to wash them by hand anyway as sometimes the washer's agitator can knock things loose.

Be careful with the dryer:

With anything printed and embellished, be especially careful with the dryer. If your child's Christmas clothing is simply printed, then you may be able to get away with turning it inside-out when it's in the dryer. Embellished items shouldn't be put in the dryer at all as the heat could cause weird shrinkage and glues on the embellishments to weaken.

Wash less often:

If your child is only wearing the clothing for a couple of hours to visit Grandma's house or for a special school event, and the clothing is removed promptly and isn't stained or stinky, then you may want to skip washing for a few wears. Simply hang it up or fold it neatly so that it's ready to wear for the next time. Washing them less often puts less and tear on the clothing so that they will last longer.

Keeping your child's Christmas clothing looking good, whether it's only for the season, or for the future, isn't too hard. Make sure you follow care instructions and take extra precautions with embellishments. If it comes to the time where you need new Christmas clothing for your children, or you simply want more, then visit a retailer who specializes in this type of clothing. To learn more about children's Christmas clothing, contact a store like Strawberries N Sunshine.