What Can You Do With Souvenir T-Shirts That Don't Fit Well Anymore?

18 March 2017
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Buying souvenir T-shirts ensures you have a long-lasting memento of your trip somewhere, but what do you do with shirts that are still in good condition but that don't fit well anymore? Whether you lost or gained weight, or if you got the shirt when you were younger and then grew too big for it, you can still keep the shirt to showcase the place you visited. You just have to get a little crafty.

Frame Them

If the design on the shirt is a particularly nice one or one that you value for sentimental reasons, you can always frame the design. It's best to keep the shirt intact and fold extra material behind the section with the design; T-shirt material often curls under when cut with scissors. To prevent squashing the shirt too much, find a frame that has a backing, a thick border, and then the glass and frame. The hole created by the thick border offers a good amount of space for the extra T-shirt material. Or, you could have the shirt custom framed so that the top portion of the shirt that would be visible is even with the top of the border.

Create a Scrapbook

If you don't want to save the entire shirt and aren't concerned about edges curling under, you could create a scrapbook of memories of your trip, with the cut-out design as the centerpiece. First cut away the majority of the shirt, leaving a large border around the design, and then carefully cut away most of the rest of the extra material. If you can, fold the edges of the border you left and sew them down; that helps prevent curling. Stick the shirt design in the scrapbook and ensure all of the shirt adheres to the page.

Pillow and Quilt Time

Of course, you could also remove the sleeves, sew up the neck, and add a zipper to the bottom of the shirt so you can place a pillow form in it and have a nice souvenir pillow. Or, take the design and add it to a quilt, if that is what you like to work on. You can also find quilters who will make a custom quilt for you with the design as the centerpiece.

Souvenir Beverly Hills T-shirts are very nice to have, and just because you outgrew one or otherwise no longer fit into it well does not mean you have to toss the shirt. Just work on a craft for a while, and you can have lasting memories of your trip that look great.