Tips For Purchasing Men's Underwear For The Summer

30 March 2017
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When it comes to underwear for men, you might take a "one type of underwear fits all situations" kind of approach. This is helpful if you are trying to keep it simple and not think about it, but it can cause problems during the summer. If you are not wearing the right type of underwear, you might find yourself in the situation where your nether regions are uncomfortable, moist, or even chafing. This can make you much less happy throughout the day and can make you less focused. Here are some tips for purchasing underwear during the summer so that you can stay as comfortable as possible.

1. Ditch the Boxers

You might think that boxer shorts are going to keep you cool because they are roomy and made out of breathable cotton. The problem with this is that the loose fabric of boxer shorts causes them to bunch up. When your shorts bunch up, they are going to be near your skin and are going to absorb your sweat a lot more quickly, causing them to get soggy and start to smell. Your nether regions are going to be close to this soggy underwear, which will cause you become uncomfortable, as well as potentially develop a fungal infection. Instead of boxers, go with briefs for just the summer.

2. Look for Fabrics That Aren't Heavy

The next thing that you should do is look for underwear that is a blend of rayon and polyester. The reason for this is that these fabrics are extremely lightweight and will allow you to wick away moisture and will keep you dry even if the temperatures go up. This will help you avoid having a soggy crotch during the day and allow you to feel more comfortable. Some lighter cotton blends will work, but unless you have done your research, try to stay away from cotton.

3. Get a Week's Worth

You might be tempted to only buy a pair or two of the new underwear. Don't do this. Buy at least seven pairs in order to make sure that you have enough to get through a week so that you don't go back to your boxers. You can always put your summer underwear in storage during the winter if you are worried about it clogging up your underwear drawer and making it hard for you to find what you need.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in men's underwear.