Three Benefits Of Wearing Athletic Compression Socks

12 April 2017
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Athletic compression socks sound like a circulation aid for elderly people. However, they most definitely are not. In fact, athletic compression socks can benefit a number of people of all ages, especially people who are particularly active. Here are three benefits of wearing athletic compression socks.

Relieve Muscle Fatigue

Relieving muscle fatigue is the biggest benefit of all when it comes to these socks. If you take a daily run, a lengthy walk, hiking in a park or other activity that requires you to remain on your feet and moving, you often feel sore and tired before you are ready to be finished with your activity. If you wear the right socks and shoes, you will feel less fatigue and less pain and be able to go farther and/or faster than you would have had you not had athletic compression socks and good running, walking or cross-fit shoes.

Release Excess Water, Lymph Fluid and Lactic Acid

Because the lower legs and feet are so far away from the heart, it takes more effort to circulate blood through them and even greater effort to remove toxins in lymph fluid. People who also experience edema, or water retention, in their feet, ankles and legs need more help during exercise. The compression in these socks helps alleviate all of the above problems by pushing excess water, excess lactic acid and used/toxic lymph fluid back upwards to be cleaned, cleared and dispelled by the body.

Wick Away Moisture and Odors

Because these socks are also athletic socks, they help wick away moisture and bacteria that can cause nasty foot odor. The socks will hold onto the sweat and smells until you wash the socks, leaving your feet drier and less smelly than with other sweat socks or sport socks. Most people with powerful foot odor are content with this single benefit alone.

Where to Buy Athletic Compression Socks

Check with your local sporting goods stores. Baseball, football, soccer and basketball players frequently purchase and wear these socks because they never lose their grip and/or fall down. That means you never have to waste time pulling your socks up or feeling the socks rub all over your feet and heels inside the shoes. Most sizes of athletic compression socks fit most people, so you should have no problem finding a pair for adults in your nearest sporting goods store. If you cannot find them there, check online or with companies like SmoothToe.