3 Tips For Success When Whittling Your Waist With A Waist Trainer

25 July 2017
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While some women are blessed with "hourglass" figures and tiny waists, others have to work hard to keep their waistlines small. If you have always had a waistline that is thicker than you would like it to be, then you may be looking into using a waist trainer to help shrink it. Many women have successfully whittled their waistlines with waist trainers, so it is important to learn from their experiences when using yours to shrink your own waist. 

Read on to learn three vital tips for success when attempting to whittle your waist with a waist trainer. 

1. Begin Building up Your Core Muscles Before Waist Training

Fitness trainers recommend that women work to strengthen their core muscles before they begin waist training. Performing exercises that work your core muscles just three times a week for a few months before you begin wearing your waist trainer is important to help counteract the muscle atrophy that can occur when wearing a waist trainer for long periods of time. 

There are four main muscle groups that make up your core: your abdominal muscles (rectus abdominus). obliques, erector spinae muscles, and your quadratus lumborum muscles. Each plays an important role in helping you maintain good posture and perform many movements you make everyday. 

Be sure to perform exercises that work each muscle group while waist pre-training to build up their strength before you begin waist training. One type of exercise that is great for strengthening your entire core is pilates. However, there are other exercises that can help you strengthen your core, including many body weight exercises that you can perform right at home without the need for a gym or any expensive workout equipment. 

2. Make Time for Regular Workouts While Waist Training

When you order your waist trainer, be sure to order one to wear around the house (if you plan to) and another to wear while working out. Women who skip their regular workouts while waist training can end up with smaller waistlines, but the smaller waistlines they achieve are often not as toned as they would like them to be. Of course, you don't just want a slimmer waist, but also a slim waist that is toned enough that you can show it off.

In fact, many women opt to wear their waist trainers only during regular workouts. Fitness experts state that wearing a waist trainer while exercising can help women maintain good posture and form during their routines, target abdominal muscles more effectively when performing core strengthening exercises, and even prevent post-workout back pain, 

So, if you only want to purchase one waist trainer, then start by purchasing a workout waist trainer first and using it only during your workout routines. You may whittle your waist so well that you opt to skip the long days in other waist trainers altogether. 

3. Don't Rush the Waist-Whittling Process

It can be all-too-easy for women just starting the waist training process to lace up their waist trainers very tightly and wear them around the clock to try to rush the waist-whittling process. Rushing the process is never a good idea, and it can cause many women to give up on the waist training process before results even begin to show or, even worse, cause health problems. 

The key to slimming your waist with a waist trainer is to know that you are in for a waist-whittling marathon and not a race. Make sure your first waist trainer fits snugly, yet doesn't cause you pain or discomfort. As your waist shrinks, you can begin tightening your trainer, being sure to stop tightening when you feel any discomfort. 

It is also important to build up time in your waist trainer; only wear it for 1.5 to 2 hours a day at first. As your body becomes used to it, you can slowly lengthen your waist-training time. 

In addition, be sure to take full-day breaks from your waist trainer at least twice a week during the entire waist training process. You won't delay results by taking these breaks, and these breaks offer you a great chance to show off your shrinking waistline in any favorite outfits your waist trainer doesn't match!

If you are looking to begin whittling your waist with a waist trainer, then be sure to follow these three tips for waist training success.