Clothing Items That Make You Look Slimmer

31 July 2017
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You work hard to lose weight, but you just can't achieve the look you want. While exercise is a great way to shed the pounds, you can appear thinner more easily if you simply make changes to the clothing that you wear. There are many options that you can change up to look taller and slimmer.


Wear dark boot jeans. They are the most flattering. These jeans have a slight flare, which will cause your legs to look longer and leaner. Your clothes should be body lengthening. This will make you look taller and thinner. If you would like to look very tall, long and lean, wear heels and straight-length jeans. Also, make sure to tuck in your shirt. This will make your legs look longer and will also make your body look shorter. The result is that you will look taller.


The V neckline will help you look thinner. The triangle creates a higher focal point that takes eyes away from your midsection. Skin that is exposed will make the proportions appear more elegant. 

Structured Dresses

Avoid wearing baggy clothing, since this will create the illusion of wider hips. Wear dresses that are structured, rather than trying to hide your tummy underneath a tent. Wearing a skirt that is just above the waist will place less emphasis on the hips. If the skirt is not skin-tight, this will help. Avoid full and round shapes on the top and bottom, since they will both make you look rounder. 

Sports Jackets

If you wish to wear a sports jacket, make sure to wear the right one. The best sports jackets are those that are hip-length and that look sleek. The worst jackets will look baggy and will not make you look slimmer. 


One way to literally make your waist thinner is to wear a plus size waist trainer. This is a corset that will help you develop an hourglass shape. This effect is semi-permanent because you will need to wear the corset routinely. Not only can this be worn in order to change your appearance, but it can also be worn as a fashion statement. Another advantage of the trainer is that it acts as a LAP band that prevents you from eating too much. The trainer is not bad for your health as long as you do not wear one that is so tight that it causes pain. Companies like Her Daily Deal can help you with this.