Have A Hard Time Finding A Tie That Fits Well? Consider Having One Custom Made

15 September 2017
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Finding a tie that fits well when you are tall can be very difficult. If you have tried to find a tie that is long enough to wear you to no avail, consider having one made. Having a custom tie made ensures that you can have a polished look when you go into business meetings. The following guide walks you through a few things to take into consideration when having the custom tie created.

Consider the Length of the Tie

The length of the tie is crucial. You need to consider where you want the end of the tie to fall after you have tied it. Determine the length you need the entire tie to be so that you can tie it the way you plan to wear it each day. It is always best to have the tie created an inch or two longer than you think it should be so that you can have the option to tie a more complex knot from time to time. If the tie is the exact length you need it to be, you will not be able to easily tie a Windsor knot or any other special knot.

Consider the Material Used for the Tie

When you have a tie custom made, you get to choose every aspect of the tie. You will need to choose the material that is used to create the tie. Be sure to choose a material that will pair well with many different suits that you own so that you can get the most out of the tie that you possibly can. Choose a solid color for the tie or a very basic print so that it will not stand out too much from the suit that you wear it with.

Consider How Wide You Want the Tie to Be

You also need to consider how wide the tie will be. Wide ties are not in style as much as thinner ties are. Thinner ties often look great on taller individuals because they draw the attention of the eye to the center mass of your body. This can distract from your overall height and allow people to focus on what you are saying rather than how tall you are.

Try the tie on at the tie shop before leaving. You need to be sure that it fits you comfortably and is the length that you want it to be. Consider a specific designer, like Risley Eleganza, when looking for your next tie.