Five Things Your Child Needs For Their First Gymnastics Class

7 June 2018
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Participating in gymnastics is a great way for your child to be athletic, learn to coordinate their bodies, and entertain themselves. If your child is enrolled in gymnastics classes and has their first session coming up, you need to make sure they have the proper clothing and supplies. Here are five things your child will need for their first gymnastics class.

1. A Leotard

Leotards are tight, one-piece suits that look like bathing suits with sleeves. There are a few reasons why this attire is best for gymnastics. First, it stretches with your child's body and maximizes their range of motion. Since it fits tightly to their body, it allows the coach to closely observe how your child is moving their body and make adjustments to those motions as needed. A leotard's tight profile also keeps it from getting stuck in equipment like a pommel horse. Leotards come in all sorts of fun colors and patterns, so find one that your child feels comfortable and confident in.

2. Leg Warmer

Most of the gymnastics routine will be done with bare legs, but your child will need a way to keep their legs warm when they are first warming up and getting active in class. Leg warmers are like socks without feet. You can find them at most sporting goods stores; your child should have a pair that is snug enough to stay on when they run and bounce around.

3. Sports Glasses

If your child wears glasses, they will either need a pair of sports glasses with a stretch band to keep them on -- or they will need an elastic band to put around the back of their normal glasses, transforming them into sports glasses that won't fall off their face. 

4. A Water Bottle

Gymnastics can be very tiring, and as with any exercise, it is important for your child to stay hydrated throughout the session. Invest in a water bottle that is easy to clean and easy for your child to drink from. 

5. A Gym Bag

Your child will want to bring along a set of "street clothes" to change into after class and ride home in. Make sure they have a soft-sided gym bag to carry these clothing with them to and from class.

Once you have the items above, your child is ready to attend their first gymnastics class. Get ready to watch them have a great time! For more information, contact establishments like Dancers' Place.