Types Of Wedding Gown Alternations

28 May 2019
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Since most wedding gowns don't fit perfectly right off of the rack, a few alternations will probably be in order before your big day. The good news is that if you fall in love with a dress that needs a few tweaks, you can have it altered by a professional seamstress to create the perfect, customized fit for your body.

After you find the wedding dress of your dreams, take it to either your preferred seamstress or the one that the dress shop has onsite for a fitting. She will take your measurements and take note of how the gown needs to be altered to look it's best. If you have your wedding shoes already, wear them during the fitting so that you an get an exact length measurement. 

In addition to having the dress tailored for width and length, you can also have it embellished with the decor or your choice to create a one-of-a-kind look. You may want to use a family heirloom, or purchase a special embellishment that catches your eye.

Here are some types of wedding dress alternations you may need to have done:

1. Hemming

If your gowns seems to be designed for a supermodel and you're petite, the seamstress can alter the length and create a smooth new hem. If you plan on wearing high-heeled shoes when you say "I do," make sure you wear them when you take to get your hem measurements so that the new length isn't too short. 

Getting your dress professionally hemmed will also allow you to wear comfortable flats rather than sky-high heels on your wedding day, making it easier to walk down the aisle and dance at your reception. 

2. Taking-In and Letting-Out

If the dress is either too narrow or too wide for your frame, the seamstress can take it in or let it out according to your measurements. She may have to either cut out fabric or sew more in, but the end result will be seamless.

If gain or lose weight after buying the gown, you may have to take it in for an emergency alternation before your wedding day. The seamstress may also have to add bust darts or sew-in cups to create to accommodate your chest size.

3. Embellishments

A fun way to add personality to an off-the-rack wedding gown is by sewing on embellishments, such as rhinestones, faux flowers, embroidered lace appliques, or any other decor item of your choice.

It's best to have a professional do the work for you so that you don't damage the gown fabric with glue or other adhesives.