Why Invest In Cotton Spandex For Your Workout Clothing?

8 November 2019
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You want to work out more often, and you know that the right material will help you get the most out of your workout experience. After all, if you are working out in something that is restricting, you can end up feeling worse with your workout and feeling like you cannot reach your full potential. If you wear something that is too loose, you can actually chafe, which is also no fun to deal with.

Your adventure in workout clothing should all boil down to the material you choose for your active wear. When you pick the right material or fabrics for your clothing, you do your part to help make your exercise routine more enjoyable and comfortable. Cotton spandex fabric, which you can find at your local fabric store or in the fabric and crafts section of larger supermarkets, can give you the great experience you need to succeed. Here are two reasons why you should consider cotton spandex fabric for your workout clothing.

You get breathing material that lasts

Cotton is known for its ability to breathe well, and the material has lots of natural strength. However, cotton also stretches out too much on its own, which can make it good for minor workouts but less ideal for more intense workout regimens. If you want to get the most out of your breathable material that lasts, consider a cotton and spandex blend. Spandex is moisture-wicking and breathable as well, but it is also a tighter fit than regular cotton, so you can invest in this material for a greater fit and more comfort for your workout routine.

You get affordable material that is easy to work with

Both cotton and spandex materials can be versatile in their use and wear, making both of them ideal for your workout experience. Consider getting a cotton and spandex fabric if you plan on making your own workout clothing, such as shirts and shorts. You can also get spandex and cotton materials that are already included in ready-to-wear articles of clothing, knowing you are investing in quality materials that are simple to work with and certainly affordable.

Whether you want to make the most out of your workout wear with new clothing or you already have some workout clothes and you want to add to your collection, spandex and cotton materials can be a wise investment. Speak to your fabric consultant to learn more about these great fabric options.