Custom Screen Printing: When Custom T-Shirt Printing Is Beneficial in the School Environment

9 December 2020
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If you want to make the school you work for a more enjoyable place to be in and create a community where everyone feels involved, important, and included, then having custom screen printing done on T-shirts for staff and students can be a great idea. Here are some occasions to consider incorporating custom T-shirt printing in the school where it can be beneficial in the school environment. Pick and choose the ways you can have custom screen printing done in your school and discuss the budget for the custom T-shirt printing with your PTO or other budget groups within the school before placing an order.

1. Identify PTO members

The parent-teacher organization within your school is made up of members who volunteer their time and ideas to make the school function most beneficial for students. Bring a sense of community and help your PTO leaders and volunteers feel important and thought of by having custom T-shirt printing done for them. This way, should parents want to speak to a PTO member or if the group wants to reach out to the community outside of school, their custom shirts will help them stand out and make their organization even more professional.

2. Reward star students

When there are students of the week/month, or other programs where star students are rewarded, the whole school can be motivated to take part in the celebration of students who do well. These students can be given a shirt with their name on it and the award they have been given via custom screen printing. When students know they can get their own custom T-shirts for their great behavior, efforts, or grades, they can feel the incentive to continue to do well in school.

3. Establish student groups

Do you have any student groups in the school that should be recognized for the things they do? Whether you have a drama group in the school or volunteers that help keep bullying at bay or help to keep the school grounds clean, then you should consider having these groups be easier to recognize by having custom screen printing done on bulk T-shirts.

You save money when you have custom T-shirt printing done on multiple shirts, so see how many shirts you need to have done before asking for a quote for services. Custom screen printing can take a few days to accomplish if the company you choose has backorders; you can have shirts delivered to the school or you can pick up your custom shirts yourself once they are completed.