3 Tips For Wearing A Flag Lapel Pin

4 August 2021
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When it comes to the American flag, you should always treat it with respect, no matter how you encounter it. A flag lapel pin is worn by military officials, law enforcement officers, and by regular everyday patriots. When it comes to wearing an American flag lapel pin, there are some etiquettes that you should follow.

The Proper Placement

First, you will want to make sure that you wear the pin in the proper place. A flag is considered a living thing, as it represents a living country. That is why you should wear the pin next to your heart, on the left side of your body. That is the proper place to wear it.

If you are wearing a tie, you will want to place the pin in the middle of your tie. If you are wearing a flag lapel, you shouldn't put any other clips on the tie; you want the flag to be the center of your attention.

You shouldn't put the pin upside down; you should ensure that the pin is right-side up and properly orientated.

The Right Size 

Second, you want to ensure that the lapel pin is the right size. You don't want it to be too big or too flashy; you want the pin size to look classy and respectful. That is why smaller-sized pins are better to go with. You want the flag to look respectful, as you are honoring your country when you are wearing it.

Go for a smaller-sized pin that is noticeable but still looks respectful as well.

The Right Condition

Third, you are going to want to keep the lapel pin in good condition. This is not a lapel pin of a random object; this is a pin of an American flag. You are going to want to ensure it is clean before you put it on. You can clean it by wiping it down with a cotton swab and a little soap and water.

If the pin starts to tarnish or get worn down, you will want to retire the pin. You should only wear an American flag pin when it is in good condition, just like you should only fly a flag that is in good condition as well.

When it comes to wearing a flag lapel pin, you need to place the pin properly next to your heart. Wear one that is noticeable yet is a respectful size, and keep the pin in good condition. Be sure to show the pin respect when you wear it.